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poland - someguy's (m/38/canada) reflections after years there in their 30s

posted by someguy on 11/10/13.


What brought you to Poland?

My Polish GF and eventually wife. We met in Dublin where there is a large Polish community.

Describe the city you live in in poland and your impressions of it.

I've lived in both Warsaw and Krakow. These are very different styles of city so it's interesting to experience the contrast. Warsaw is around 2M, so pretty much the biggest city in Eastern Europe. It was totally destroyed in WWII, so much of the architecture is brutalist, but there is a region called the old town which was completely reconstructed to its historical renaissance appearance, and they did a fantastic job.

There is also plenty of green spaces. In general Warsaw had quite a vibrant feel in some areas. Commercial space is still cheap, so in the areas where I lived (Powisle) there were plenty of funky bars and cafes that had an experimental feel to them. The nightlife went strong to the wee hours and I even had some visitors comment that it reminded them of Berlin.

Krakow on the other hand is a very beautiful city as it was never bombed during the war. It is one of the few cities in Europe I've visited where the castle is not some tourist attraction outside town, but is right...

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