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madrid, spain - teambobert's (m/33/united states) reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by teambobert on 10/02/13.

I moved to Madrid in Feb 2011 because I had enough living where I lived before and got my work to transfer me to the Madrid office (after half a year of negotiation). I had visited Madrid many times before I moved and I felt more at home there after a few days than 5 years in my previous location.

I live in Chueca, which is a so-so neighborhood. It is central, which is amazing, but it is a bit on the dirty side and it is difficult to find a decent grocery store without having to hop on the metro. I love living in the city center though, so it is worth it in my opinion.

MadrileƱos are some of the most amazing, open, friendly people I have ever met. Speak 5 words of Spanish at a dinner table with 7 unknown Spaniards and your experience will be much more fun and memorable than sitting at a dinner table of 7 other southern European nationalities and not being able to speak their language. This is my experience though, and as Spaniards say, "Hay de todo".

Work wise I work for an international NGO based in Madrid. I switched jobs while I was here, it was not easy and I had to wait a long time for work permits to be cleared and such, but I really love it here and I don't ever want...

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spain - anonymous' thoughts after months there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 10/17/13.

What brought you to Spain? Where were you before?

I am from Southern California so I grew up learning a lot of Spanish. I decided to study in Barcelona because I had heard great things about the city and wanted to work on my Spanish. I returned to Spain after I graduated because I was backpacking across Europe after I graduated college and decided to try and stay and work for a while, which is when I found a job teaching English in Madrid.

How do the two cities compare?

Barcelona is much more metropolitan in that it has influences from many different cultures. Also, Barcelona is part of Catalonia which has its own cultural identity due to the Spanish civil war. Barcelona has crazy nightlife and is right on the Mediterranean, so there is always something to do. There is also tons of history and art and architecture, but that is also true for Madrid. Whereas in Barcelona you can find all types of food, in Madrid most of the food is Spanish. Madrid is much more centralized than Barcelona, in that it has a central downtown where most people work surrounded by a lot of areas of mostly housing. Since there is no water near Madrid, it gets very hot in the Summer and for a few...

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