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poland - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 10/15/13.

How much time have you spent in Poland?

I've lived in Poland for over 2 years. I took a break to go back to the States for a Master's degree with the intent to return, and did. I am still my 20s and moved to Poland when I was 23.

What brought you to Poland? Where were you before?

I came to be with the woman I eventually married. I lived in a few states in the U.S. before this, but moved from Nebraska to Poland.

Describe your impressions of Warsaw.

Warsaw is an amazing city to live in. If you visit for a few days, there is always enough to see and do. It wouldn't be a city you'd want to come visit for a week or more, because it is generally a center of commerce, learning and was for all intents and purposes completely destroyed in the second World War. Regardless, it is a great place to raise a family. If you choose, you can live in the suburbs where there is less traffic, more space, and easy access to nature (a national park sits right outside Warsaw). If you prefer the urban lifestyle, apartments with plenty of grocery stores closeby as well as markets and any other services you'd wish for within walking distance cover the majority of the city. Even living in towns...

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krakow, poland - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 30s

posted by anonymous on 12/06/14.

How much time have you spent in Poland?

I moved here on or about August 15, 2005. I think it was actually the 17th but it's been awhile and I'm not great with things like dates and names and such. So, 9 years and 3.5 months.

How old were you when you came to Poland? Where were you before?

Uh 27 I believe it was. Prior to moving to Poland, I'd been living in a suburb of Portland (Oregon) named Milwaukie.

What brought you to Poland? What made you choose Poland over any other place you could've gone?

My future wife. We met via a mutual friend of mine, who I'd met the year prior in a BBC chatroom that was setup to discuss the recent presidential election/results in the US. This mutual friend mentioned that she knew a friend - my future wife - and that she thought I'd also like talking to her. So, I shot off an email, got one back, and it quickly escalated to chatting via Gadu-Gadu (Polish chat client) and then some phone calls and more emails and basically talking every chance we possibly could.

As far as a choice as to who was to move where... it was simple. My wife could move to the US and try to get a job there, which would have involved a lot of paperwork and BS. Or,...

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poland - someguy's (m/38/canada) reflections after years there in their 30s

posted by someguy on 11/10/13.

What brought you to Poland?

My Polish GF and eventually wife. We met in Dublin where there is a large Polish community.

Describe the city you live in in poland and your impressions of it.

I've lived in both Warsaw and Krakow. These are very different styles of city so it's interesting to experience the contrast. Warsaw is around 2M, so pretty much the biggest city in Eastern Europe. It was totally destroyed in WWII, so much of the architecture is brutalist, but there is a region called the old town which was completely reconstructed to its historical renaissance appearance, and they did a fantastic job.

There is also plenty of green spaces. In general Warsaw had quite a vibrant feel in some areas. Commercial space is still cheap, so in the areas where I lived (Powisle) there were plenty of funky bars and cafes that had an experimental feel to them. The nightlife went strong to the wee hours and I even had some visitors comment that it reminded them of Berlin.

Krakow on the other hand is a very beautiful city as it was never bombed during the war. It is one of the few cities in Europe I've visited where the castle is not some tourist attraction outside town, but is right...

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