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rome, italy - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 11/02/13.

I lived in Italy for a year, and I've been back for 2 week stretches to visit in-laws, take trips etc. Probably around 1.5-2 years total time spent there so far. I was 27 when I first arrived. I was in California before that, Japan before that, and Spain before that!

I chose Italy because I had a few friends living there (friends from my time and studies in Spain) and they said it was amazing and there were plenty of jobs. At the time I wasn't happy with my position at a bank in the US so I left and went to Rome.

Ahh Rome. Big, historic, beautiful- amazing architecture and art. Great food. First impressions are positive, and as you live there you see the cracks that any society has- bureaucracy, traffic, litter, poverty.

How does Rome compare to other cities in Italy? What drew you to Rome over other cities in Italy?

Very nice. Better weather than the north, close to the sea (30 minutes drive), more jobs, also more traffic and at times pretty crazy. Not the most peaceful city in Italy, nor the most green, but there is something for everyone there.

What are the Italian people like? In what ways are they different than people in other places you've lived?

Italians are...

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italy - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 10/13/13.

How much time have you spent in Italy?

I’ve spent three years in Italy in one run, but through various visits both in my childhood and after my move there and subsequent move back to the U.S., I’ve spent a great deal of time there... maybe five or six years in total?

How old you are/were while in Italy?

I was 19 when I moved and 22 when I moved back home.

What brought you to Italy? Where were you before?

I went to Italy for three reasons: 1) Being Italian American, I have always been very close to my heritage and wanted to find out more. Wanting to experience actually living in Italy was really important for me. 2) I wanted to go to university there and it was leaps and bounds cheaper than school in the U.S. 3) I was able to go and not have to think about visas or anything because I have dual U.S./Italian citizenship.

Describe the city you live/lived in in Italy and your impressions of it.

I first moved to Catania, Sicily. My family is from Sicily, so it’s near and dear to my heart (though they are not from Catania). The weather is fantastic, the people are kind and hospitable and the food is absolutely excellent. However, it seems like nobody works as the same...

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