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medellin, colombia - anonymous' thoughts after months there in their 30s

posted by anonymous on 11/26/13.

How much time have you spent in Colombia?

3 months.

How old were you when you came to Colombia? Where were you before?

34 - it was this past year. I was in a small mountain village in Ecuador before, again for 3 months - I was trying out what people are starting to call "slow travel" - living for around 3 months at a time in various places.

What brought you to Colombia? What made you choose Colombia over any other place you could've gone?

When I was living in China I new a lot of people who were either South American or had visited SA. When they found out that I was going to be traveling there, almost all of them suggested Colombia, which honestly surprised me because I still had that mentality that it was a very dangerous place. I do not regret it at all.

Describe the city you lived in in Colombia and your impressions of it.

I lived in Medellin, formerly dubbed "the most dangerous city in the world" - They've largely gotten over that, but they are definitely still burdened by it in terms of international travel, but I think, judging from the number of articles published this year on how it's a great place to go, they're working on that.

How does the city you...

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