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chile - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 11/14/13.

How much time have you spent in Chile?

In total, I have spent about a year in Chile. 3 months in 2006 and about 9 months this year (2013).

How old were you when you came to Chile? Where were you before?

The first time I came to Chile I was 19 years old. The second time, and for a more permanent move, I was 27 years old. Before my tourist/school trip in 2006 I was living in the state of Wyoming. Before my move this year I had been living in Bellingham, Washington.

What brought you to Chile? What made you choose Chile over any other place you could've gone?

I studied teaching at Western Washington University, my major was 'Language, Literacy, and Cultural Studies' with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. As a secondary motive, I came to Chile to teach English. My main motivation was to spend time in Chilean Patagonia. This area is one of the wildest and least populated regions in the world. I had been to the town I am now living in (Coyhaique) before and really liked the area.

Describe the town or city you live in in Chile and your impressions of it.

The town I live in (Coyhaique) is the larges town in the region of Aysén. It has about 50,000...

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chile - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 10/04/13.

I arrived in Santiago in Feb of 2011 and have been here for almost 3 years. I wanted an opportunity to travel and see different parts of South America. I was adopted from Paraguay and decided Chile was a good place to go as they are in need of English teachers and have a steady economy.

It was not what I expected. I thought it would be "dirtier" than it actually was. It's an incredibly large city that but is easy to get around. The metro is very user friendly and extremely clean. The people are OBSESSED with eating bread which I was surprised to find out because everyone is fairly thin.

I think there are 3 classes of people in Chile. The "Flaites" are the US version of "ghetto." They use poor language, dress "gangster," and the guys pluck their eyebrows. They are considered a lower class and not very well respected. On the other end are the "Cuico" people. They don't look like they are typical "Chileans" They look very European and have a lot of money. The people in the middle don't really fit in with Flaites of Cuicos and instead I guess would be considered the "middle class."

I've been to many other countries and here....if you are darker, you are considered "poor," and...

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