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canada - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 09/30/13.

I have spent a total of 8 years in Canada. 5 of those years were in Toronto, and three have been in Montreal. I was 17 when I arrived in Canada, bright eyed and bushy tailed, about to start my first year of University. It was the first and last time I moved out away from my parents. I am now in my late 20's, so I would say that I have spent some of my more important formative years here.

I came to Canada to go to school. It was a lot cheaper than going to University in the States, and at the time Toronto had an up and coming film industry. I was interested in cinematography and there was a great school in Toronto. I was looking to establish myself in a big city, and I knew in my heart of hearts that Boston and NYC were not viable options for me. Toronto was big enough, and had culture, and so I was looking for a new and exciting start. It was also cool to say I was studying in another country. Before that, I was in the States. I grew up in Connecticut.

I had come to find Toronto a bit cold, a bit expensive and at times too vast. My partner was in school in Montreal, so I moved there, not speaking the language, having just graduated and in desperate need of a job. Those were...

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canada - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 10/08/13.

What brought you to Canada? Where were you before?

I was in a long distance relationship with a Canadian girl. We met online playing a popular MMO and decided to meet in person while on vacation in Seattle. After I visited Edmonton a few times we decided to get a little more serious so I left my hometown of Boise, ID and moved in with her. We got married 5 months later when a border guard threatened to reject my entry to the country saying I had "no ties" to the US since I stopped going to college and quit my job to come up here to visit her for 6 months. He was worried I would just stay illegally. He was a total dick, and not the first border guard on a power trip I've had to deal with but once I got my permanent residency after we got married all that trouble went away. I can cross the border just as fast as any citizen now and they don't ask questions when I flash that residency card.

What are your impressions and thoughts about Edmonton.

It's a big city with lots of money. Alberta has a ton of oil so Edmonton is a very prosperous city being the "Gateway to the North" where the oil is drilled in northern Alberta and logging/mining in the Northwest Territories.


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canada - anonymous' reflections after years there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 10/16/13.

I have lived in Edmonton for almost 7 years now; I moved with my family on March 2006 when I was 17 years old. The decision to move was made by my parents because in the Philippines, the country where I'm from, workers that are approaching 40 years of age are encouraged to retire. Jobs are really scarce, and the added expenses of my college education forced us to consider moving to Canada to start anew.

When I first came to Edmonton, the very first thing that stuck with me was how silent it is. We stayed at my godmother's house for the first few weeks, and it was located in one of the newer neighborhoods in the north side of the city. All of the houses in that area looked pristine, almost as if I was in a movie where you could see kids riding around the block in their bikes and the neighbors happily waving at each other. But there were no kids or neighbors to be seen or heard, it was just silence.

After living in this town for 7 years, my impression of Edmonton was that of a city where everything is just starting to take place. Recently, they've began calling Edmonton as "Startup City", and I truly believe that. The people that I've met know are either well-travelled or...

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