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brazil - anonymous' thoughts after months there in their 30s

posted by anonymous on 10/08/13.

What brought you to Brazil? Where were you before?

My job, I'm an engineer and we specialize in inspection of onshore and offshore pipelines mostly. Also wind towers, dams, and other metal structures. Brazil is going through an economic boom at the moment, (I don't know how legit it is) so there is a lot of growth and development.

Describe the city you live in in Brazil.

I have lived in several. Natal and Fortaleza mostly. They are coastal cities that can be considered more on the touristy side. Beautiful beaches and high rise buildings that line the coast. Vendors and shops everywhere, and plenty of live music and attractions.

What are the the people of Brazil like? In what ways are they different than people in other places you've lived?

Brazilians are pretty wonderful people as a whole. They are very inviting and easy to get to know. They enjoy having fun and relaxing and enjoying the simple things in life. There are also negative sides I would say, they are heavily unionized and go on strike on a moments notice over anything that bothers them. They love all sorts of music, I have been surprised at their love for rock and roll and the diversity of mainstream...

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porto alegre, brazil - anonymous' thoughts after months there in their 20s

posted by anonymous on 01/02/14.

How much time have you spent in Brazil?

In total probably around 8 months, but not all at once. The longest stint was probably 6 months.

How old were you when you came to Brazil? Where were you before?

I was 21. Before that US.

What brought you to Brazil? What made you choose Brazil over any other place you could've gone?

I used to practice Brazilian Jiujitsu, so I kinda liked Brasil. My school had a study abroad there that was cheap so I went for it.

Describe the city you lived in in Brazil and your impressions of it.

The first city I went to and where I spent most of my time was Porto Alegre. Coming from a small city in a rural state it was an eye opener. I remember being impressed because I thought it would be less developed but it was pretty modern. Very lively.

How does the city you lived in compare to other cities in Brazil?

It is more European and much wealthier than lots of Brazil. Having been to Europe later in life I can a lot of similarities with it. Much whiter than average, and more educated. Porto Alegre is the Brazilian equivalent to San Francisco, Boston, or Seattle. That is where the trip went so I didn’t have much choice in picking the city....

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brazil - anonymous' thoughts after months there in their teens

posted by anonymous on 10/19/13.

Describe the city you lived in in Brazil and your impressions of it.

Rio Grande: one part Europe, one part Africa haha

Had more crime than most places I've lived, but I'm originally from Detroit so crime-wise it was probably safer in Rio Grande. But Flint is an anomaly in the first world. Rio Grande is not a very large city.

What are Brazilians like?

In general they're very friendly, although this is less true in the south and in bigger cities. Life for them tends to be simpler than we're used to. But Brazil is an extremely large country with an incredibly diverse population so it's difficult to generalize too much. They're just very open. Very easy to make friends with a Brazilian. Of course some would say they're superficial people, and this perspective has its validity. It's like anywhere else: making true friends takes time. But making initial friendly contact is very easy. They're friendlier, they're poorer, they love to fazer festa!!!

Was making friends and meeting people in Brazil in general easy or difficult?

It took a while for me to make friends. A lot of people just wanted to meet the gringo but not necessarily form deeper bonds. The language barrier...

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